Rosenbloom Groupe has committed itself to preserving our Earth and this can be seen in every facet of our manufacturing process.

Our paper is railed in via train which significantly reduces the amount of fuel used to transport our raw material. Each rail car is equivalent to about 3 trucks

A majority of our paper has a mid-to high level of recycled content with various percentages of post consumer recycled content. This means reusing the existing paper that’s out there to give it a second life.

Our inks are all water based and FDA/CFIA approved for indirect food contact

Our adhesives are all starch based and also FDA/CFIA approved for indirect food contact

Rosenbloom Groupe has a zero waste policy. All waste associated with the manufacting of our bags is balled and sold to recyclers, who in turn, use this furnish to make new products.

We work closely with our customers to offer solutions for reduced packaging for their end product which also increases the amount of product per shipment and ultimately reduces the number of trucks shipped and the amount of fuel used.